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Spray Texture System

Materials Needed for the
Spray Texture System:

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  1. Integral Color Paks Pre-Measured

    Integral Color Paks


    Convenient, pre-measured integral paks of pigment ready to be added to Resurfacer, Spray-Top® and 1/4" Stamping Bag Mixes.

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  2. Grout Tape Marked

    Grout Tape

    Starting at: $5.00

    Used with the Polymer Concrete Broom Finish and Spray Texture System to create grout lines for decorative borders and patterns.

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  3. Mixing Cups

    Mixing Bucket (with Lid) Pkg 5

    Starting at: $7.75

    PAINTER'S PAIL® Mixing Cups with Lid (5 in package). Now with New Ratio Measurement. For easy mixing and measuring. Mixing Cups available in 3 sizes (1 Quart, 2.5 Quarts and 5 Quarts).

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  4. Shark Grip

    Shark Grip


    Shark Grip offers slip resistance when added to urethane and epoxy sealers.

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  5. Texture-Top polymer concrete

    Texture-Top™ Polymer Cement


    Texture-Top is a polymer modified overlay designed to be sprayed or troweled to provide various textured finishes over concrete and other sound surfaces. It is excellent for pool decks, walkways, driveways, patios and more. Learn More
  6. Integral Color Pigment Colors 1

    Integral Color Pigment


    Powder pigment to be mixed with Polymer Concrete to provide color throughout the mix. Available in 29 colors.

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  7. Resurfacer Bag Mix

    Resurfacer (just-add-water)

    Starting at: $30.60

    Resurfacer is a "Just Add Water" resurfacing mix made with powder polymer, a mixture of gray or white cement and #60 silica sand. The mix is sold in a 45 lb. bags. Learn More
  8. Concrete "Liquid" Polymer

    Concrete Polymer "Liquid"

    Starting at: $32.70

    A liquid concentrate to be mixed with water, cement and sand. Use Concrete Polymer for repairing, resurfacing, texturing and stamping.

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  9. Sealcoat 1000 Broom

    Sealcoat 1000 Broom


    The Sealcoat 1000 Broom (with handle) is used to apply Sealcoat 1000 over a Polymer Concrete Broom Finish application.

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  10. Sealcoat 1000

    Sealcoat 1000

    Starting at: $46.21

    Sealcoat 1000 is a clear water-based sealer used over the Colorcoat 100 and Polymer Concrete texture coat applications.

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