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Concrete Overlay Workshop in Las Vegas, NV

Attend our three day workshop in Las Vegas, NV and leave with a thorough understanding of concrete resurfacing techniques and popular decorative concrete systems.

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  1. Spray-Top Training DVD

    Spray-Top™ System How-To DVD


    Concrete Solutions Spray-Top™ System DVD shows five different job applications of our Spray-Top System. Learn More
  2. 1/4" Stamping Training DVD

    1/4" Stamping System How-To DVD


    The Concrete Solution 1/4" Stamping System How-To DVD is 45 minutes long and shows step-by-step instructions how to do 5 different patterns on 5 different jobs. Learn More
  3. Color Flake Training DVD

    Color Flake System How-To DVD


    The Concrete Solutions Color Flake System How-To DVD shows how to do a medium and full broadcast on garage floors. Learn More
  4. Tuff-Grit/Quartz System Training DVD

    Tuff-Grit/Quartz System How-To DVD


    The Concrete Solutions Tuff-Grit/Quartz System How-To DVD demonstrates the Tuff-Grit System application from start to finish. Learn More
  5. Decorative Concrete Training Manual

    Training Manual


    The Concrete Solutions Training Manual has over 180 pages of step-by-step instructions and pictures on how to apply our Decorative Concrete Products and Systems. Learn More
  6. Training Manual Combo

    Training Manual Combo


    Our Training Manual Combo provides you with expert tips and information you need to start your own decorative concrete business. Learn More
  7. Concrete Overlay Workshop

    Concrete Overlay Workshop - Las Vegas, NV

    In our "Hands On” 3-DAY Las Vegas Workshop, students will be taught how to use Concrete Polymer, Patterned Stamps, and other products and tools to do a variety of decorative concrete applications.

    Workshop will cover:

    • Surface Preparation
    • Crack Repair, Patching & Resurfacing
    • 1/4" Stamping System
    • Spray-Top™ System
    • Acid Staining & Dyes
    • Colorcoating & Sealcoating
    and much more...

    Call us toll-free at (800) 232-8311 to reserve your spot, or schedule online:

    Download our training schedule

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  8. Industrial Coating Training

    Industrial Coatings & Linings Training - Carrollton, TX


    The Rhino Linings four-day industrial training class is for industrial and commercial applicators of spray polyureas and polyurethanes.

    Participants learn surface preparation, application techniques, equipment operation and maintenance. All trainings are held Tuesday through Friday.

    Download our day-to-day training agenda

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  9. concrete countertop course

    Concrete Countertop Workshop - Las Vegas, NV

    Learn how to create concrete countertops that look like natural stone or granite with decorative molded edges. This hands-on course delves into “Ben Ashby’s Concrete Countertop Process” which is easy to learn and requires no polishing, saving cost on expensive polishing equipment, supplies and labor.

    Our 3 day or 1½ day Advanced Training Workshops are limited to 15 people per class so reserve your space early.

    2014 Classes Now Available! Call us (619) 258-1967 to reserve your spot, or schedule online:

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